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What Would Dave Do At Your School?

Each grade level would have fun with strings and stories. We would meet in groups of less than 100 and I would teach each group different things. I would work with five or six groups a day for at least 45 minutes. Then they are empowered to teach others and within a couple of days everyone in the school knows a number of figures.

We would also talk about where these figures come from. You know that many are Native American don’t you? As we talk about the ones from around the world, I give anecdotal information from my travels collecting and studying these figures and stories.

Lower elementary look at these as a great game and get very involved and want to learn them all.

Upper elementary and middle school students are the most receptive, especially boys.

High School students will surprise you with their interest. They see the great challenge in them and attack them as a problem to be solved. Small High Schools become obsessed with them. It is so much fun to see them get so involved in the discovery and learning process and not even realize they are there. This is "Geometric Topology", you know?

This type of experience is especially great for your alternative students. It is tactile, a great "fidget" activity, gives immediate feedback, is repetitive, and fun. It also builds self confidenc



New Pricing Beginning December 1, 2014

Times are tough and your time is valuable. I will make it simple. If your school is within 125 miles from Lawton, Oklahoma I will come to your school, spend the day working with each grade level for $400 plus the cost of strings.

We will have a story and each grade level will learn age appropriate string figures that they can then share with brothers and sisters and cousins. The school will collectively learn about 35 figures, K – 5. 

For travel to places over 125 miles and under 250 miles, the price would be $500 to cover cost of lodging and meals and extra travel time. This offer would include the rest of Oklahoma and parts of Kansas and Texas. Can it get any simpler than that?

The price is $600 for areas over 250 miles from Lawton. I would need at least three consecutive days booked in area.

The only thing I ask is that you let me do a “soft sell” of books, strings and DVDs the day of the booking and that you will make materials available for 2 days after my visit. You will send home a note letting parents know that string figure items will be available the day of the performance and for two more days for those who did not realize that they wanted something.

I will leave some products and make one shipment to your school the third day for any additional items that you need…no shipping charge. You can then send me a check for the money taken in.


Dave Titus is the author of three World Culture Series books, "Native American String Figures", "African String Figures" and "Native Alaskan String Figures." You might like to consider Dave for an author visit. These books are available at selected bookstores or on the web at www.StringFigureStore.com.

Intensive - If your or someone you know are interested in attending a one-on-one string intensive please visit the String Figure Store for more information and pricing

All of these items are negotiable: These fees reflect a normal situation. There are some situations that will require more compensation. There are some very rural or small places that just cannot meet these requirements. There are also some places that I would like very much to visit, for research purposes of course, places such as New Zealand, Antarctica, Peru, and Baffin Island in Canada. We can negotiate. Needless to say, if you can pay more, you will help someone who can't.

David Titus